Reviews for "Wade Hates Me"

pretty good

for a KK submission anyway
I wouldn't mind seeing a collab like this as long as you don't make it complete shit
10 for being mediocre...


Simple, but entertaining. The animation was simplistic, but it was still funny. In fact it probably wouldn't be as funny if it had good animation and tons of frills. The ending was the best part. Just so you know, Wade Fulp hates just about everybody, especially Jews, the crippled, and the mentally ill. This flash exposes the truth about Wade Fulp.


I'm betting Wade Fulp had a good reason to delete your flash.

But that aside, this flash was fairly entertaining. I give it a 5 for entertaining me and another 5 because it's from the kitty krew, which almost never makes flashes this good.


if you didn't have the weird TTS generator that would have been crap. But since you did it is brilliant

WOW!, A great flash with Wade!

Wade Fulp is awesome!, And also he gives you a great Moderator suprise!

Magyar responds: