Reviews for "Wade Hates Me"

normal spam.

bad animation, more frames help that
i didnt like the voice, being all robot like and what not, thats not, really my thing.
theirs not really a point about wade hating you in the video, so you need a better story next time. maybe something other then spam next time, you have the skills to do way better stuff.

Great movie bro!

I can't believe how well you portrayed him.. The flash was super killer man. The graphics were off the chain, as well as the voice acting. I wished it was longer, but hey some of the best things are short. Great job man!


WOW!, That flash was hilarious!, I thought P-bot only delete Flash submissions on Newgrounds!, But this flash is hilarious!, This is going in my favorites! :D


it speaks the truth.

exactly how i remember wade

nothing's changed. but wade will be our fwend someday.

great flash, keep it up!

Magyar responds:

One day he won't hate me :(