Reviews for "Wade Hates Me"

Yess do moar

I have seen some funny things on the internet (especially /B/ you should check it out) but this is one of the funny things I have seen. It has very good jokes and it funny, but the drawing looked half done like there was no background. The sound is great too the voice was SOOOO funny. And a catchy song.


This has funny voices and good animation, that Wade guy must be quite mean to do that because you are a good animator. I would never delete your Flashes. That song at the end was really cool as well so top marks for you.


Simple, but entertaining. The animation was simplistic, but it was still funny. In fact it probably wouldn't be as funny if it had good animation and tons of frills. The ending was the best part. Just so you know, Wade Fulp hates just about everybody, especially Jews, the crippled, and the mentally ill. This flash exposes the truth about Wade Fulp.


I'll be honest. The story was really compelling. The animation was bad, but the humor made up for it. And the song at the end was a nice touch.

I give you a 10/10 kitty crew.

make more like this instead of stupid loops like the one Wade deleted in this flash. :-)


I am looking forward to the collab and this was also very good. The animation was not good it was still funny though and a great message. I would really like to see this Wade Fulp person ge sacked because that wasn't fair at all.

That's why it is 10/1