Reviews for "Wade Hates Me"


I'm not gonna lie, I laughed. I'm actually rather surprised that KK put out something that got an award other than "Turd of the Week".

Magyar responds:

We would have won it but someone keeps deleting our entries


if you didn't have the weird TTS generator that would have been crap. But since you did it is brilliant


Whoa. THAT is amazing! I loved everything about it and I thought the idea was very interesting! The art is some of the best I've ever seen and the music is perfect! Also, I loved the ending! Can't wait to see the rest of your creations!!

good one

another masterpiece from the KK! :P

the art and animation coulda been better, but the humor was top notch and made up for it. It also could have used backgrounds.


I'm betting Wade Fulp had a good reason to delete your flash.

But that aside, this flash was fairly entertaining. I give it a 5 for entertaining me and another 5 because it's from the kitty krew, which almost never makes flashes this good.