Reviews for "Wade Hates Me"

And you wonder why he hates you?

Can you really be mad at Wade? He shits on idiots that troll NG. I think he's a necessary evil. If you want a community where those kinds of shenanigans are tolerated you're welcome to leave NG and try your luck with albinoblacksheep. This gets 4 stars because it's just the slightest bit funny, the animation isn't terrible (unlike most KK material), the song at the end was a nice touch and I think at one point or another everyone gets a little fed up with some of Wade's tyrant-ness . But still, if you asked me, I'd suggest you guys give up with this campaign against Wade and actually create something of quality.

Magyar responds:

He just doesn't like us because Tom had a cat and he wouldn't let Wade play with him, so Wade is taking his childhood anger out on us.


Now that is funny shit! And the ending song! COME ON!!! I guess u need to know the backstory lol

Good Job+

umm lol? It was alright, hopefully you can give the kk a hand out of the gutter they put themselves in with their terrible animation. Good music at the end too!


hmm so that's what happened
great ending song btw


I'm also amazed to see the kitty krew put together an actual animation. This is actually pretty funny too. The drawings weren't amazing, but for KK I suppose just about any effort is amazing. The animation was decent, and the song at the end is priceless.

If only KK would put a bit more effort into most of their submissions...