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Reviews for "Pee Man - The Game"

Gr8 game...good job

I enjoyed da game...was funny
Should add dis...
Bad guys: Da poo monster/goldfish driven dinosaur is the SH*T!
Good guys: Well, pee man is the PISS!
lol kinda "PISSED" me off about da fact u cant get more health
see what i did there?aaaah

He should make a sequel...

Call it "Shit's gonna go down" :P

Good concept

Great game.

The secret medal: When the fish escape in 10 sec, destroy it before it escape
How to do: Max your Pee before No.3 boss has only a few hitpoint. Unleash your Pee after you hit the 3rd and 4th boss. The 4th boss has less hp so dont worry.



Finally got all the medals! Very good game had a balance of entertainment and challenge (getting the perfect medal was pretty hard). Interesting game altogether. RIP Ben and I hope there will be ore games like this keep up the great work!