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Reviews for "Pee Man - The Game"

SHow de BOla

Sensacional este game, parabens. (português-BR)

right on.

ok all you haters. "oh yea, i'll show him. screw you tom fulp, i'm gonna show you who's boss. i'm gonna rate your game low. now who's the man!?" know what? shove it up your ass, jackass. it's an entertaining game, for what it is. it's meant as a tribute to a friend, not as the greatest game ever made. so just shut the hell up and go back to watching porn in your parents' basement.

WHAT an awesome game

Tom and you other guys made this game for people who need a fun game for a few minutes. Hope there's a Pee Man game that is an adventure game

Ahh Yes!

pissing had never been so fun!

it is realy weird and dicusting well not realy

sourt of weird...