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Reviews for "Pee Man - The Game"

Pee Man

YAAAAAY my pee will save the day weeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeee X-D


It's fun,a little too easy...
All I gotta say is it can be hard.

Fun and Easy medals! =D

got all the medals first try =D also love the music and gameplay

heres a tip for anyone who is having trouble:

main good way: fully load your bladder, and you can take out ANY boss in one hit. you get an achievement for it too!

if you want to get the secret medal, here it is: dont let the fourth boss get away!
heres how: when the third boss is close to dying (and i mean REEEALLY close, but not too close or youll kill him too soon), stop shooting, and grab lemonade until you have a full bladder, then finish the third boss. then just killl the fourth boss. if your lucky, you may still have your split stream.

if you want a more simple version, check out dragonhungs review.

rest in peace ben, and may your soul go to heaven for great games and movies.
see you up there when my time comes. (crying) why did he have to go so soon...WHY!! (balling my eyes out)

-SNM (sad, very sad)

Good concept

Great game.

The secret medal: When the fish escape in 10 sec, destroy it before it escape
How to do: Max your Pee before No.3 boss has only a few hitpoint. Unleash your Pee after you hit the 3rd and 4th boss. The 4th boss has less hp so dont worry.