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Reviews for "Pee Man - The Game"

Haha fuck yes.

Things that make this a cool game:
- Cool multistage boss.
- The boss is true to two villains from original Ben Surigin's movies inspired from whom this game is made.
- Fan girls appearing at windows and giving juice/urine to replenish attack is both hilarious and a great game mechanic.
- The game looks beautiful, despite being about excrements. Great Art.

Things that could be better:
- No standard gameplay and enemies, just a boss.
- A very short game due to it being just a single (although long) boss battle.
- The game is very very easy, to lose one would have to catch attacks on purpose and it would be a chore. Should have been a little bit harder. The only moderately challenging thing is to try to win without getting hit even once to get the Perfect medal.

I like that mega man reference at the end.

Look nice, boss have few forms, but its little too easy.

well tom fulp good game :)