Reviews for "Bloons 2"

You got it

I have always found the original Bloons to be EXTREMELY overrated. This however, this shows you guys know what you're doing. This game is polished to the bone. An enormous number of levels, new and fun additions, and world map, and more. This is worthy of the originals praise, and likely the praise that will come with this one. As far as flash games and casual go, you nailed it.

Found a Bug

Aside loving the Bloons games, I don't much to say that isn't already said.

But I did notice if you click "max power" and then click it a second time without shooting, your detracted 1 shot even though you did not actually fire. This glitch happens once, a third click before shooting doesn't do anything. But if you shoot the dart, then double-click "max power" again you'll see the same loss of a dart without using it.

Another Top Notch Installment

I wasn't sure what would distinguish this from More Bloons and such, but the array of new stuff is enough to qualify it as a sequel. It's brilliantly executed and fun to play, while also challenging. Unfortunately, by its very nature, it will always have a weirdly low score because people won't be able to beat it and will rate 0.

cool game

i love the music where can i download it


Fun game my kid enjoyed it.