Reviews for "Bloons 2"

that game... AWSOME

to make this game need much

Much improved!

I don't usually write reviews anymore but I just had to for this one. Bloons has always been fun and this is a big improvement. You took something that already seemed perfect and fun and made it even better now that's awesome. I like the addition of super monkey helpers, the solution button, surplus darts, and max power. It's all really great and you outdid yourself on the graphics too! If you improve this any more you might just have to sell the game for console arcade!

Sweet game

Bloons has always been one of my favorite games :D And this sequel looks REALLY COOL. The music is sweet too :D

Best in the series

i love your games the bloons&bloonsTD series are the best :D

cool game

i love the music where can i download it