Reviews for "Bloons 2"

lame music loop

Music is very generic, annoying, continues the same 5 second loop forever.
Mochicoins suck.

overall average game. 3/5

Well above my expectation

had all the good stuff from the original and improved much more, its awsome


still good but not as good as the first one =)


The game is as good as ever with some cool new twists but the real life money and everything leaves it with a sour taste.

Also, my game froze up when i got an adobe query asking if moshiads.com can store stuff on my computer. More a flash problem than bloons, but it wouldnt have happened if they werent trying to load ads on my machine.

-3 for annoyingly £££ based


for the game id give an 8 for fun. for the typical annoying mochi stuff that we have to deal with with these games i give -5. for making a decent sequel i give +2. it would have been to without the login and buy stuff for mochi games.