Reviews for "Bloons 2"

Good but...

Although it's not nearly as bad as a lot of the reviews make it out to be, I found that the moving backgrounds were REALLY irritating. They made it hard to concentrate in a game that requires precision. And the music... not terrible, but needs much more to it.

sold out

The game its self is great - the bees etc are a fun addition and the game overall is an improvement on 1


god dammit, I didn't appreciate getting to the Crazy Coast and it saying "exclusive to ninjakiwi website" where there are fifty thousand adverts per page...

Plus, all these games adding pointless little extras for 'mochipoints' or whatever are really irritating... I feel exploited, especially as someone who bought your iphone app.


this is sooo awesome i got acces to level editor

Mochi games is ****

Good game. but i wont go to another site to buy addons ect. not nice screw mochigames

you ruined it

why did you ruin it with annoying music, micro transactions and rainbow faggotry