Reviews for "Bloons 2"


This really is an amazing piece of design work, great job! The polish was great too; hope it does well for you guys!

Found a Bug

Aside loving the Bloons games, I don't much to say that isn't already said.

But I did notice if you click "max power" and then click it a second time without shooting, your detracted 1 shot even though you did not actually fire. This glitch happens once, a third click before shooting doesn't do anything. But if you shoot the dart, then double-click "max power" again you'll see the same loss of a dart without using it.

You got it

I have always found the original Bloons to be EXTREMELY overrated. This however, this shows you guys know what you're doing. This game is polished to the bone. An enormous number of levels, new and fun additions, and world map, and more. This is worthy of the originals praise, and likely the praise that will come with this one. As far as flash games and casual go, you nailed it.


I loved it, just like all the other Bloons games, but I can't say I care for the graphics much.
There was something about the old graphics that made Bloons what it is.
Of course, that doesn't detract at all from the game.
Just my little tidbit.
I have nothing to add, and I'm looking foward to new games coming out!

This game flows nicely

Aside from this game being fun and addictive, there's very little downtime. Where other games might have you: die, wait for for the game over, click "try again", rinse repeat. It's small but it's the little things like that which I appreciate in my silly little online games.