Reviews for "Bloons 2"

Didnt like it.

It was too much about perfect timing and perfect shots. Ive always hated trial and error games where you had to be completely perfect. It gets old and annoying.


Far exceeds my expectations. I expected it to be better than the original, but this is by far the best of the bloons puzzles. Far more addictive, better learning curve, and I loved the new power-ups.


I have a history with all bloons games, i used to work at a theater and we'd pass the time by playing this on the upstairs computer. The people at that theater will shit a brick when i show them this XD

Bloons forever!

This was not as good as some of your other stuff with "Bloons" but still very playable. I think my favorite balloon would have to be the ones that give you so many more balloons. It was not until the second level with the bees that I had trouble, as the rest of it was really easy. I really like how you have such cute little graphics and a nice tune. You would be surprised at how much strategy you can plan with such a simple looking game. Who knew you could have so much fun in a video/computer game by simply popping balloons?

Another Top Notch Installment

I wasn't sure what would distinguish this from More Bloons and such, but the array of new stuff is enough to qualify it as a sequel. It's brilliantly executed and fun to play, while also challenging. Unfortunately, by its very nature, it will always have a weirdly low score because people won't be able to beat it and will rate 0.