Reviews for "Double Panda"

its ok but im sure its been done before

And why does red panda look more like a cat than a panda?

Boring concept

Since it's been done 100x before.
And the movement is so slow.
I'll be honest, I stopped playing after the second level, maybe that's unfair. But you as the flash developer should've been better at grabbing my attention

Cute, but incredibly easy.

A cute colourful game that sadly only manages to keep interest for about 10 minutes. Not really hard, and has the same problem that every "Control multiple characters" based game has; needlessly boring areas where I have to walk the same lengths of levels twice.

What makes or breaks these kinds of games are two factors:
1)Am I constantly using the unique powers of each character enough for the gimmick to work?
2)Are the levels tailored well enough to make this more than me just having to play sidescroller levels multiple times with fractions of characters?

The second area is the biggest problem. The levels are not puzzle oriented, just really ordinary sidescroller levels. When the only obstacle to any path is not being able to jump high or far enough, the game feels slow and boring.

Gameplay wise this is pretty standard and switching between characters does add some interest in lieu of any actual story. What stuck out to me was the density of cliches in a relatively small game. The items being human food like pizza and US Chinese restaurant style takeout does not help to characterize the pandas. The music constantly repeating the quintessentially "Chinese" theme often used in movies further demonstrates that, though this game loves these pandas in all their cuteness, it is not willing to plumb the depths of an ancient musical heritage for a song that is not a Western film score trope.
Overall, this is what could be an interesting game that respects it's inspirations, but instead chose to take shortcuts to fulfill "requirements" of simple platform games e.g. items, music. It is really too bad that this games cosmetic choices overshadow its interesting mechanics.

speed up

those panda need to be speedy, gameplay isn t enought nervous for me