Reviews for "Double Panda"

Black Screen

Gameplay wise this is pretty standard and switching between characters does add some interest in lieu of any actual story. What stuck out to me was the density of cliches in a relatively small game. The items being human food like pizza and US Chinese restaurant style takeout does not help to characterize the pandas. The music constantly repeating the quintessentially "Chinese" theme often used in movies further demonstrates that, though this game loves these pandas in all their cuteness, it is not willing to plumb the depths of an ancient musical heritage for a song that is not a Western film score trope.
Overall, this is what could be an interesting game that respects it's inspirations, but instead chose to take shortcuts to fulfill "requirements" of simple platform games e.g. items, music. It is really too bad that this games cosmetic choices overshadow its interesting mechanics.

Great visuals and fun puzzle solving, but you could've worked in more music.

What a great game, 5 stars for you!
Really fun, unique and creative. I love that you can control both cute little pandas.
Super fun little platformer game. Not too hard and not too easy. The music was nice to listen to as well, really added a nice touch to the game. =D
Really great job!

Frigging double advertisement to play double panda. As soon as it finally ends with the rotten bf goodrich ad which I had to wait 30 seconds to skip, did it load the game? Nooo, it loaded ANOTHER ad!

Also, red pandas and giant pandas have about as much to do with each other as leopards and leopard seals. It's just an unfortunate name. Also I don't believe for a moment they can't swim if they have to. But whatever. I'm just annoyed with the game because I've grown tired of it. Which is the real reason I'm not so impressed. It's just not an inspiring game that makes me want to play any more. So much for that fortune that I would submit an impressive score.