Reviews for "Double Panda"


doesn't know what he is talking about! He's from California, so I wouldn't be surprised if he said a game sucked because it gives cancer. But more importantly, he doesn't have anything submitted. I've submitted something before after working hard on it, and even though it was blammed, i can appreciate how much work is put into a single flash project from first hand experience. This game has great animation, a relaxing plot behind it, and music that doesn't get too annoying when you're into the game.

Lovely, but needs some work

The graphics are gorgeous, and the characters are cute :) The music is fun and fitting.

I like the tandem play, although I feel like things could have moved quicker. The characters move pretty slowly, so I think they need to be sped up. The option to move both characters at the same time (e.g. move one with the arrow keys, the other with the aswd keys) would also liven things up a bit, since you won't have to go back and forth all the time.

I would also like to see more challenging puzzles, as each level seemed to be very straightforward and didn't require much thinking.

Cute, but incredibly easy.

A cute colourful game that sadly only manages to keep interest for about 10 minutes. Not really hard, and has the same problem that every "Control multiple characters" based game has; needlessly boring areas where I have to walk the same lengths of levels twice.

What makes or breaks these kinds of games are two factors:
1)Am I constantly using the unique powers of each character enough for the gimmick to work?
2)Are the levels tailored well enough to make this more than me just having to play sidescroller levels multiple times with fractions of characters?

The second area is the biggest problem. The levels are not puzzle oriented, just really ordinary sidescroller levels. When the only obstacle to any path is not being able to jump high or far enough, the game feels slow and boring.


This game is not very fun and also there are no trophies! Also it gets very boring after 2 rounds and I don't like that. I'm sorry but this is a poor game.

Cute >w<

Really cute and fun! Though I wish they could run faster xD