Reviews for "Double Panda"

Slow, boring and annoying

So most people have seen this concept done a thousand times over and sometimes they are done well but this one is not a good one. The game is very slow and boring. The flow of the game is broken every time you have to switch characters. The the different abilities of the characters add little to the game. It would have been a stronger game if you just gave one of the panda's all the abilities and removed the concept of switching characters all together. Also, I have to travel through a large portion of the level with one panda but because the other panda does not automatically follow, I have to essentially play each level twice. If you could make the pandas follow each other it would greatly increase the the quality of gameplay.

Kung Fu Panda! And another one!

This game is really simple but I love it. The graphics and music make a nice oriental athmosphere and the pandas are cute. The puzzles are easy enough to be relaxing and the differences between the two characters are executed well. I only missed two things: medals and beginning and ending scenes to bring out the story (even though I realise it's not an essential part of this game).

Still I had really fun playing this game. Thank you for that!


Its great that the pandas have different abilities instead of the usual 2 character game. Also it would be nice to have a level designer that might be unlocked when you finish the game (perhaps in a sequel)

.... :')

The game's worth 9 stars, but I would give it even more than 10 cause I love The Lost Vikings. :)
Keep up the good work. ;)

Cute and fun, but...

The only spot on the other wise perfect game play the I saw was,
when jumpiing on each over's head it has to be percise.
I think a wider area for landing on a partners head shouldbe a bit
just an opinion.