Reviews for "Double Panda"


its a great game but i dont like the acronym for the game name

Good idea, but some problems

The idea of switching between two characters to solve puzzles isn't particularly new, but the division of abilities was done pretty well. The graphics are cute, and the music is nice.

However, the actually switching itself is flawed--the time keeps counting down when the screen scrolls between pandas, even though the player does not have control of the game. This also occurs whenever the player opens a gate on the other side of the level. I feel that is unfair to punish the player simply for using the main gameplay mechanic. Two ways to fix this are:
1) Stop the timer during the transitions, or
2) Make the transitions instantaneous--i.e., don't scroll the screen between pandas.
Option 2 doesn't really address the time wasted while the gates move, though, so option 1 is probably better.

Overall a pretty fun game.

Haven't played it yet

But let me guess, it's a generic puzzle a game where they have to work together to get past the puzzle

*After playing*

LoL it's not a fox

Nope, it is not. It's Ailurus fulgens aka red panda...
The game is kinda... nice. I liked it all. Style, sound, music, ??... other things too.
Especially appearance of "mighty hostiles". Great job!


isint red panda a fox?