Reviews for "Double Panda"

Cute and Fun

Nice game, the style is really similar to those Nitrome games though. Maybe it's the art. The inactive and sleeping panda's were really adorable. My only gripe is that the panda's walk a little too slowly, which made backtracking a real pain. A co-op mode would have been fun. Overall, awesome game, keep it up :P


Almost perfect. I though the final battle was gonna have a different song and was gonna be a little more harder. I loved the game! I want a 2nd part :D

I have got a bug

Cool game but I have got a bug:

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This has got to be one of the cutest games I have ever played on NG.

It is not only cute, but it very fun and is just a great game, period.

Fantastic game and a fantastic job.


Reminds me a lot of Lost Vikings. I was just a little annoyed because holding right or left doesn't do nothing when you switch pandas, but nothing that would put me off. Nice game to pass some time.

This seriously needs a Co-Op mode.