Reviews for "Double Panda"

One of the best flash games I've played!

Wonderful game, a lot of effort has been put in, from the lovely backgrounds to cute characters. The gameplay is userfriendly and anyone can play this game. Really enjoyed playing it :)


I am a total fan of Cute Stuff.
But a Cute Game with a Decent Gameplay
is just too much. Now all that is left is to for me to do is to give you a 10,
I wish there were real-life toys like those, Because I'd totally buy a dozen. :3


i give you a 10 for effort but a 10 for quality along with a 10 for just making a decent game

Doubled Fun!

I love this game XD
Make make like this


Cute, fun, clever game, and I love the style. It makes me want to bust out my Game Boy Advance...