Reviews for "Double Panda"

wow i love it!

super cool i love it its so cute and fun you are very talented! :D

Amazing Game!!!

Aww, pandas are soo cute and sweet and fluffy!!! And finally - a game that isn't really babyish, and I love it!!! Wow, it's like, so amazing... and it's really interesting too, cause there's two pandas, not both of them can do the same stuff, so it's really great to play and to think - how to make these little guys (or girls, as I'd like...:D) to act and become a team together! :) So, I think this game made me go off from Facebook and Twitter for a bit ... :D so it's adorable!!!:) Thanks, Neutronized, for making this cute and sweet game!:)


i like it i thing the "doble" games ROCKS!

What the shit?

I thought this was going to be double dragon but with pandas

Instead its a 3 out of 5 platformer


Good gameplay. Not really my style (explains the 8), but all-in-all great game.