Reviews for "Double Panda"

Wow this futher better than any...

...nitrome games,
8-bit game,
16- bit games and
more types of pixels

any way, that wasn't my point. My point was this is the BEST ever pixel game I played, and I played all the nitrome games.

I like it

Controls lag when you switch and when you land after a jump there is a one second duration before you can jump again which i did not enjoy. I like the team work mechanic and the music fits the game.

Boring concept

Since it's been done 100x before.
And the movement is so slow.
I'll be honest, I stopped playing after the second level, maybe that's unfair. But you as the flash developer should've been better at grabbing my attention

Not bad

Could use a way to track what level I was on as I began to wonder just how far in I was and was ready to give up because of it.

It was a cute game, and pretty fun. Music got repetitive quick though. Ok overall.

Cute platform game

Good music, nice atmosphere, and you have to use the pandas correctly. Would be great for kids.