Reviews for "Double Panda"

its ok but im sure its been done before

And why does red panda look more like a cat than a panda?

It's pretty, and functional.

But so boring. There's nothing that sticks out in terms of gameplay. There's barely an increase in difficulty through the game, the characters move slowly, the music is repetitive, and there's no original mechanic to it.

I actually liked the game

I love how it was presented in a spritey or pixely pattern, and I find the red "panda" who looks like a fox adorable.

Thing is, the pacing is not really, really slow. BUT, it should be driven up, so that more players, especially of the age and sex group that most of the Newgrounds members belong. I find the music addicting and peaceful.

I would love to see a better, improved sequel.

Maybe I'm just impatient.

I really liked this game a lot, and I appreciated your attention to detail, but the game was much too slow paced for me. The graphics are absolutely adorable, and there are some well thought out gimmicks in this game. 4/5 8/10
Also, ProfessorFlash, a red panda is a species of panda. They're more shaped like a fox, while panda bears are obviously shaped like bears. I urge anyone to search them up on google or wherever to see the difference. I actually saw a few myself when I was at the Cleveland Zoo.


Good looking graphics, solid gameplay, no bugs that I could see. But it could use a bit of challenge. I played it up to level 11 hoping that the puzzles would get more challenging but they were pretty easy all of them. The slow pace of the game isn't helping either.
And one little thing that bothered from the start; your 'red panda' is an orange fox :P.

Overall well made platformer but lacks challenge and is more suitable to younger audiences.