Reviews for "Double Panda"


sound, art, animation, game play, are all awesome!! I love this game, its cute and :3 panda-ish. My favorite

Good game!

Nice, but the game is so repetitive, the music isn't that great, and the game kinda feels like Mario. And for those who don't know, there are only two species of Panda, the Great Panda and the Red Panda. Yes, the red panda looks like a cat/fox BUT THE STUPID SCIENTISTS SAID ITS A PANDA SO ITS A PANDA. I like that he actually did his research on pandas. 10 for that.

I like it

character movmentis a bit slow, but i still like it

I agree with Avianar.

I like the graphics, the music becomes a bit repetitive but it's good.

The cameramovement between the two characters is too slow, you have to wait for it and it would be better if you could switch faster. Maybe this can even become a puzzle, fast switching between the panda's.

It would be a nice game for a younger audience.

Average yet cute

Could use a dash button and you should call it something other than double panda, the red one looks like a cat or a fox.