Reviews for "Double Panda"

Dash speed

they run fast would be kool


i thought it was a pretty fun game, the only problem i had was some levels had way too much backtracking which almost ruined it, almost. i really like the 2 characters, but i think it would be cool if you had made it so you can con trol both at one time so you dont have to run the level then run it again you should just have them both run at the same time. but i enjoyed playing this game alot and loved the graphics great job and keep up the good work =D


They're cute and cuddly but I don't like using 2 characters =l.


Having a game where you switch between two characters is not a new idea, and it also is not a fun one, only tedious.

Nice pixel art though.


I do not have nearly enough patience for these slow moving pandas in this too simple game. Graphics are sweet though.