Reviews for "Double Panda"

Love the old school feel

This reminds me of the classic game i played on my ZX Spectrum back in the day, Head Over Heels (1987 represent), due to the cooperation required to advance through the levels. Wonderfully smooth sprite animation and a great art style. I'm a fan.

Adorable :)

I see some really cool looking pixel art here :) Nice game :D


This is such a cute little platform puzzle game!
The pixel pandas are so nya~
The game's just splendid!
The music is so fun; So asian/chinese/japanese.
I really like this one!

Fun, unique, but a bit slow.

It's just my own preference, but a bit more speed would be better.

The graphics are quite nice, and the water effect was spot-on.


Great graphics, but I don't like the water wekness of the red panda. It takes ages to cross a small pond, and it's easy to make a mistake ... I lost twice in level 8 because of that. To make it worse, the game crashed after the red panda drowned himself, and I couldn't submit my score. But I enjoyed the first seven levels, it was fun. They could move faster though