Reviews for "Double Panda"

fun game

very good.


sweet! kewl game, love the panda, shinning cats are the coolest, want one as a pet

Fun and cute

It reminds me of Lost Vikins, only less fast paced and cuter. I'd enjoy something with more action, but it's still fun.

And for record for the people bellow me: Google "red panda" and you'll learn about red pandas, not foxes.

Nice game

It's a very good game, but it has some weak points.
I don't know if you have asked some of your friends to test this game before submitting it, but it would be a good idea to do that.
I agree with CannedMeat, it would be more fun if pandas and the game itself would be faster.
Because of the slowness of the game from time to time it was quite boring to wait for the transitions from panda-to-panda and from panda-to-gates.
And there a problems with score submitting and checking it out.
Because of that all my high scores that I got for collecting the cakes and stuff had no purpose. =(

dint know that pandas are orange-white

looks more like an fox