Reviews for "Double Panda"


Its so cute and adorable and has very nice game play, I think it deserves a solid 9

Great game

It's areally good game, but it's a bit too slow, and gets rather boring by the end, but it's still a good work!


it was interesting though, but there's no retry button to re-play the level.

Looks fantastic!

Love the graphics! The game itself is very innovative but I just got bored of it after about 5 mins. Probably just not my type of game. But I still give this a solid 8.


It's really a bit slow... on transitions and walking speed. The highscore board was a bit glitched, my score came up as "0" when I tried to submit. Also, when you die, your score is sent all the way to zero, it'd be better maybe if it was cut down by 1/2? or even down to a 1/4 of your original score.