Reviews for "Double Panda"


This game is fun and kinda challenging, and I really liked the teamwork thought, but I think that their should be more songs. The song isn't bad, but it's the same one over and over again and that was kinda annoying. But everything else was perfect. And I didn't know that their existed a red panda... I really do have to go more to the zoo.

Well, this beats boy and his dinosaur anyday

Red panda: Kiaka (female, means key and red)
Giant Panda: Ikusamori (male, means fight and help)
Just a little something google helped me make up.

Gameplay: Very smooth, but slow, and that's my only complaint. The enemies weren't too powerful, but strong enough that when Ikusamori here jumped on them, I felt that he was a real powerhouse kind of warrior. Kiaka, on the other hand, with all of her deft jumping and climbing, seemed really female to me. But the natural beauty of the animal made me feel that way too. (Giant Pandas are beautiful too, but they look strong when provoked.)

Music: I like the music, portrays the game and setting well.

Graphics: Nice and retro, I'm sure a favorite of many.

Conclusion: I like boy and his dinosaur, don't get me wrong. I just think that this is a much better game in gameplay, graphics, and music. That makes up for the truly touching and emotional ending of boy and his dinosaur, and I think this deserves 1st place.
Well, anyway, had, having, and am going to have a lot more fun playing this game, thanks for submitting!



I didnt care much for the game, it wasnt bad though. Just not my thing
and to the people saying the red panda isnt a panda, it is. Its called a red panda it looks like a fox but its still a member of the panda family
Go to the zoo more d00ds


Awesome game! But a level editor would be cool :D

Panda Madness!

A fun and challenging game!