Reviews for "Double Panda"

XD awesome

never... going... to stop... playing this game!

great game, but...

I can't help but think this would be better if you could play simultainiously with other people. you know, you control one panda, they get the other, and you have to work together. I know it's hard to get a decent multiplayer game going, but I think this could potentially be one of the better ones.

Red Pandas...

Red Panda's contain ridiculous amounts of cute.

Love the game! Well done!

Cute and fun

Very well designed puzzles and very cute graphics. My only complaint is that it was a little slow, and the music loop got a little annoying after a while, but overall it is a great fun little game

Have you ever seen a panda?

Laugh uncontrollably and accidently drown red panda. Sad days, great game.