Reviews for "Aztec God Game"

Great game!

Not a fan of the graphics, but a great game.

Ah, Memories of yesterday.

I was actually a person who rated this when it was still under-judgement. Anyways, great game, I enjoy it.

Aaah, nostalgy bomb

Very nice remake, pretty much the same, you made me to fell like in old good times! Really thank you!

Its all right

id give it a whopping 10!

A blast from the past.

Great job on reviving this one.
Amiga folks might feel alive again thanks to that :)

Sadly, didn't had enough of time to play longer, so I can't possibly make full review without knowing the game fully.
But so far what I can say, it sure looks nice. Definitely have the flavor of old title.
Were those all spells offered tho? :o
If yes, then it might not beat the amount of em from Populous (2nd part especially), but hey..for sure Your game feels more dynamic than original, which is fun.

I also see that even in this version AI is using cheesy tactics of corrupting flatness of our lands to degrade the houses :P

Well, all in all. Fun
Again, good job

FightClub69 responds:

The original Populous (1) spells were (IMHO) a little disappointing, I used a mixture of Pop 1, Pop 2 and a couple I just made up to try to get a good balance. I removed volcano and earthquake because as a player I found them really annoying. Flood I just had to leave though, too much fun!
I spent quite a lot of time on the AI player, it uses every nasty tactic I could think of including dropping swamps near the edges where they're hard to find :) It does play fair though - it has the same 'visibility' rule for land that you do.