Reviews for "Aztec God Game"

Pretty innovative

It was hard for me to understand the directions, but that was mostly my fault. What I did admire about this game was that it was truly different than a lot of other stuff I have seen before here. It was especially nice to see those really good CGI graphics. In a game like this, you would think they might look silly, but these actually work well. I like how the 2D effects of the land contrast with those effects. I would definitley recommend this to anyone who likes games like this, although it was hard to tell what kind of game it was.

FightClub69 responds:

The genre is called 'god games', it was very popular for a while back in the 80's but has gradually changed (IMHO the new 'god games' aren't as much fun as the old ones were)


could be a lot better but it looks awesome and also it reminds me of one of the greatest games of all time.........zoo tycoon

Very buggy

Its a pretty good game but it gets boring after a while becasue of the excessive bugs...


It would be great if there were instructions on how to lower the elevation level, and not just leaving it to guess work. It is incredibly frustrating. Otherwise, awesome game. Populous is one of my all time favorite games.

FightClub69 responds:

The in-game help tells you how to do this on page 1. Unfortunately no-one reads the help! I guess I should have put this into the tutorial, but it's already pretty annoying and I didn't want to lose players before they even started! Glad you enjoyed!


i think a cool game but its too repetitive and is hard to learn....
sorry 8]10 and 4]5
but continue doing great games ok!