Reviews for "Aztec God Game"

Great game!

Not a fan of the graphics, but a great game.

Ah, Memories of yesterday.

I was actually a person who rated this when it was still under-judgement. Anyways, great game, I enjoy it.

Great flash version of Populous

I really enjoyed it. I can't really say that I saw any flaws in it.
Great interface, easy to play and captured the fun of the original :D

I'd love to see a sequel using a primitive 3d engine like "Populous: the beginning" (wouldn't be too hard, you already have a solid foundation here), or a flash tribute to Dungeon Keeper.

Either way, this is a great game and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the old Populous games.

Its all right

id give it a whopping 10!

Wonderful Game

10 out of 10 and 5 out of 5
However I do have some suggestions.
I would like a level editor, because the custom game and random game were the exact same thing. Also possibly you could make the smart flatten land click a bit smarter so that we could input what level of elevation we want it to go to. I personally have never played populous however I am sure that this game is 10 times better and I congratulate you on that. I have added this game to my favorites and will vote it a 5 everyday until I complete every level which will take a while.