Reviews for "Aztec God Game"


the animation and whatnot is amazing.. although i think it was kind of wasted on the fact that the game isnt very entertaining (in my opinion at least).

FightClub69 responds:

This is one of those genres where you either get hooked or you hate it. Sorry you didn't like it, but thanks for the compliments!

not bad

it was good, but feel that it was somewhat lacking a few things. for example it would have been nice if different levels had different enemies with different abilities that would make it a little more challenging. more control over what your population is doing would be nice, like if you could set it so that diffent percentages of your people will concetrate on different tasks, like some would focus on building while others focused on fighting. making things unlockable as you play through levels or as you population grows would be nice, like more jobs, such as different levels of attack, for example later in the game you could have people who operate catapults and things like that, or evn things like people who flatten out land.
i think the problem is that youve just tried to remake populous, rather than remake and improve on it. but still in my mind this is still a solid game and im enjoying it, im hoping you will mabey attemp an improved version in the future

I like the idea...

But it got really boring really fast. I got a little annoyed at first with not just having a button that says raise, level or lower terrain- kinda like Sim City. Theres no zoom and not enough to do. Kinda killed it for me :/

FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for your comments... this game doesn't appeal to everyone. The compulsion to make the land flat is quite strong for me and for many players, while others just shrug and find it dull.
It gets a lot more interesting in higher levels when the AI is very challenging. Then you have to choose a direction to concentrate on because you simply can't build out in all directions fast enough... I think the game becomes a little like "Go" in that you have to stake out some territory early on, then struggle to defend it, and finally advance out and overwhelm the enemy.

A cluster-F&*$ OR Level ground; hope for the best

The game is graphically beautiful and I love god games. However this is more like a fishbowl game. You can add little pieces of food and watch the fish chase after it, clean the tank and occasionally add more fish. That is to say, you can indirectly interact with the game world but that is about it. Leveling out ground is monotonous and changes little. The user interface and tutorial are terrible. The camera makes it very hard to have an idea of what is going on.

I could go on but as the title says the game can be summed up easily: Level ground; hope for the best.

I appreciate the work that has gone into the game but hard work doesn't always make a game good.

prob a goodish game

thou the level counter is broke, and I ended up on level 9 still piss easy thou the AI kina died at 2 humans