Reviews for "Aztec God Game"

Luck based strategy

I played easy mode just to get a feel of the game but was still met with ridiculous amount of difficulty. one problem being as soon as the lvl starts your people run and find random non-close locations to camp at making you spread the limited mana you begin with. Unless the enemy was unlucky enough to start on an island I noticed while spying one enemy would start all the way south, go all the way north and then start camping while your units will camp in any available space. The spells add a nice touch but prove pratically useless except for thunder staff which was overpowered for being the cheapest spell.
The thunder staff could decimate a temple and half the time the person who made it! Whether they died from the ligthning or from drowning.
Disease only works if you cast armageddon because it doesn't work on houses only people and since it spreads you only really need to use it once.
Swamp will instantly kill any person making it just like plaque only worse because if you wait till you cast armageddon you will kill your troops as well including heroes!
Scorch was 50/50. It makes all enemy houses go back to lvl 1 meaning less mana and population. This helps if you are a war tribe but then you have to spend extra mana to restore the land so you can build on it.
Create hero= absolutely worthless without armageddon. The hero will throw painfully slow spears often destroying building in one shot. Although it sounds nice once the building is gone all the enemy has to do is run his little 50 to 100 hp butt right back where the building was and boom another instant temple which often lead to an unending building and destroying sequence. Not only that even if your hero has craploads of hp (mine had 55k!) If they hit your hero with thunder staff or destroyed the ground under it boom dead in mere seconds.
Lastly armageddon. Armageddon destroys all houses and lets your people go wild on each other. Casting this spell makes the usefulness of every spell go up by more than 500%! It also acts as an easy victory if say you own 60% of the board and you want to end the lvl without waiting 30 minutes for your people to do it by themselves.

Things that could be added
Different color tribes
Multiplayer is a must!
buyable weapons and building materials
a tutorial showing each spells used to it's fullest potential
an ending. once I beat lvl 16 on easy despite their being 20 lvls it sent me straight to normal.

FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for the extremely detailed review Azinye!
A couple of clarifications and corrections:
- it is a good thing when your population spreads out, it creates more points from which further expansion is possible. You don't lose mana from this, you only gain mana from buildings.
- in the tactics guide (link at the bottom of every help page, or from the menu under 'options') there is a detailed description of each spell and tips on how to use it best.
- anyone with plague will lose hitpoints quite rapidly, this means that the enemy has to settle his followers quickly or they die while marching. Buildings made by plagues followers create more plague victims for 2 minutes - it can really slow an opponent down but it won't win the game alone.
- I disagree about heroes...they're devastating if you get them into the enemy town centre where his temples are. Small huts are the best defense against them and the AI knows this too :)
- thunderstaff has a maximum damage of about 2K on any single victim so it won't really hurt your 55k hero although all those explosions are worrying for sure.
- drowning accelerates over time, so you have about 3 to 5 seconds to react to the drowning icon and save your guy with nearly full hitpoints, after that he'll go down faster & faster

Your suggestions are all interesting and I'll consider them all for the sequel. I think multiplayer would be the hardest but also the most fun :)

I am not quite sure I get it..

Is the whle objective of the game to rise and lower terrain, and to throw spells on enemy time to time? Gets a bit repetitive.. :/

it was okay

first i'd like to give a shout out to steffen144, whose 'very powerful' computer lags at 50+ pop: your computer is shit, my 10year-old laptop did not lag at 200 pop.

okay, to the game. I think this is an okay game, i personally havent played populus, so i cant compare them, but apparently they are very similar. i like the whole rts concept, although i would not go as far as saying its the best i've ever seen on ng.

my main problems with this game:
- Despite that there is a good rts element, you dont really choose what units spawn at which locations (the units are all the same)
- There is only really one strategy for victory: make a crap-load of temples while systematically screwing up the bigger temples of the comp by striking them with lightning. then once you attack, instead of actually relying on your units to kill buildings, simply raise/lower the terrain where-ever there is an enemy building, causing it to self-destruct.
- (for me) It was overall too easy

things to improve on:
- i think that a general increase in the Strategy component (e.g. the introduction of different units/buildings) would greatly increase this game's longevity as a fun and entertaining game
- some kind of multi-player setting, as i think that this game would be Extremely fun to play PvP (even as it is now) as there is no real way to recreate real-life PvP strategy with AI.
- and finally (not really necessary) a slight improvement on the textures of the terrain, to give the game a more lifelike feel (unless of course you wanted the game to have an "other-worldly" feel to it).

thanks for reading.

Takes too long.

I like it but it takes forever to win a battle, especially when both civilizations are building and fighting simultaneously.

A good game to kill time. ;)