Reviews for "Aztec God Game"

Very addicting

Its very innovative game. cant say i played a game like this before. Granted I only finished the easy level pack, but unless you play for achievements, it gets repetitive, but still challenging. What I think is lacking in the game is that I cant tell which levels I have already accomplished the achievements. So for After you pass a level, you can make the ring silver and then if you pass the achievement for that level, you can make it gold. Otherwise its annoying to click in and find out. Also I cant get the achievement after 20k health follower or for the life of me, cant figure out what swamp does. It just looks like scorch without the shrinking buildings

FightClub69 responds:

That's a good idea for the achievements, if I release more updates I will try to include that - thanks! The game is more fun when you are challenged - if you play the medium levels you might enjoy it more.
The 20k health follower MUST be a 'follower' - that means that leaders and heroes are not counted! Swamp makes a square into swamp-land, *anyone* who walks on that square sinks and dies instantly!

Nice game.

A good game, i don't have much to say because i just like to rate games.

Great Game

I really liked this game but am stuck on level seven normal. How do you get the achievement? I have tried everything I can think of to beat the enemy in under 5 minuets but can't even come close. If you know how please let me know NoSpamPleaseLOL@yahoo.com

A bit of variety needed

I agree with other comments that say, It's a nice try but it becomes monotonous after a while. But everything else is nice.

it was okay

first i'd like to give a shout out to steffen144, whose 'very powerful' computer lags at 50+ pop: your computer is shit, my 10year-old laptop did not lag at 200 pop.

okay, to the game. I think this is an okay game, i personally havent played populus, so i cant compare them, but apparently they are very similar. i like the whole rts concept, although i would not go as far as saying its the best i've ever seen on ng.

my main problems with this game:
- Despite that there is a good rts element, you dont really choose what units spawn at which locations (the units are all the same)
- There is only really one strategy for victory: make a crap-load of temples while systematically screwing up the bigger temples of the comp by striking them with lightning. then once you attack, instead of actually relying on your units to kill buildings, simply raise/lower the terrain where-ever there is an enemy building, causing it to self-destruct.
- (for me) It was overall too easy

things to improve on:
- i think that a general increase in the Strategy component (e.g. the introduction of different units/buildings) would greatly increase this game's longevity as a fun and entertaining game
- some kind of multi-player setting, as i think that this game would be Extremely fun to play PvP (even as it is now) as there is no real way to recreate real-life PvP strategy with AI.
- and finally (not really necessary) a slight improvement on the textures of the terrain, to give the game a more lifelike feel (unless of course you wanted the game to have an "other-worldly" feel to it).

thanks for reading.