Reviews for "Aztec God Game"

Good game

I'm just going to give everyone a 10 since I learned that some people can have any review they want removed. The scoring system is meaningless.

It was a decent game though. It got a little repetitive, but was still fun. The only difficulty was the computer's ability to change anything anywhere at once. You need to be able to zoom out to see more to fight back. This would make a good full-screen game.

I couldn't figure out how the "click to flatten" thing worked. A lot of times I would click in a depression thinking it would flatten and it would sink further or I would click a high spot and the whole area would rise.

FightClub69 responds:

The computer plays by the same rules as you do. If you use the omniscience spell the camera will track the AI's display window so you can see where he is looking. I did it this way to make it more fair, and also to make it feel more like a human opponent. The computer has one big advantage - it can change land accurately while the camera is moving (but it's not a very deep thinker so it needs some tricks to be able to keep up).

It's good, but...

It gets repetitive after a while, some different music tracks would help.


It would be great if there were instructions on how to lower the elevation level, and not just leaving it to guess work. It is incredibly frustrating. Otherwise, awesome game. Populous is one of my all time favorite games.

FightClub69 responds:

The in-game help tells you how to do this on page 1. Unfortunately no-one reads the help! I guess I should have put this into the tutorial, but it's already pretty annoying and I didn't want to lose players before they even started! Glad you enjoyed!


omfg now i'm totally gonna play populous again!!!!


This reminds me of the game populous that I borrowed of my cousin and played on a snes. At the time I didn't know how to play the game so I just made everything flat, I used the same tactic for this game and it seemed to work fine!

I like the 3d images and the way you incorperated the aztec theme in the game. I have added it to my favourites so I can play it often!