Reviews for "Aztec God Game"


i think a cool game but its too repetitive and is hard to learn....
sorry 8]10 and 4]5
but continue doing great games ok!


As a fan of the original Populos, I want to say "Thank you" for this game.

It's been a while since a played a game like this.
Simple, quick fun, but with so much depth behind it. It allows for a multitude of tactics, and could be a real burner in multiplayer.
Perfecting the "easy to learn, hard to master" design mantra, you made a good homage to the original, with enough new ideas to get me interested.

Kudos to the AI, it is mostly rather competitive.
I'm a little sad that building high and flooding the enemy doesn't work anymore because the Ai totally abuses my lag and casts flood two more times.
And I miss the volcano, though in retrospect I can't even tell what it did.

The controls drove me absolutely crazy, what with suddenly planting a mountain in my territory when I click twice, and I had some serious performance issue. This game would work a lot better with a zoom option, or a bigger window so a worldmap can be fit, but just like the controls, thats the limits you have, and I'm unwilling to draw any points for the platform.

As such, 5/5, 10/10, and keep going!

FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for the in-depth comments! The AI should only 'counter flood' on it's higher intelligence levels (it's hidden from the player but harder levels have tougher AI rules) so there should be a soft-spot where you can flood with impunity. If the AI is out of mana he can't counter-flood either, so try using it after he's done something that cost a bunch of mana. I added the counter-flood tactic because otherwise it's too easy to just build 2 up and then flood.. with this in place you have to build much higher (which takes longer and may cost you the advantage). The AI also spots if you're building high a lot, and will try to add some high-ground of his own.
Thanks for the great marks :)

%u0130t is O.K. but...

there is no zoom but zoom was nice in this game.But is is nice and OK.But only OK.

Very addictive

At first, the game didn't looked like much. Played it a few minutes, got bored and left. For some reason I tried again and really got into it. There is a lot more to do that you might originally think. Overall great game if you have the time to spare.

But, I do have a question. There are this "achievement" things if you complete certain tasks, and they say that they grant you bonuses. However, these don't seem to be working well with the current version of the game. They don't grant me any of the bonuses they claim. I can see them if I click achievements, but they don't affect the gameplay. Are they permanent, or do they only apply at the mission you are playing?

FightClub69 responds:

Glad you came back and had fun!
The achievements are goals and are offered one per level, so level 1 only has the 'thunder god' achievement available. If you cast thunder-bolt 10 times (click the flying thing in the top-right corner to see the requirements) it will glow yellow, meaning you have won that achievement.
In very early versions of the game there were bugs with some achievements, these have all (fingers X'd) been fixed now. Thunder God gives you 5% cheaper thunder bolts, you should see this change in the spell tooltips for all levels after it is awarded.

I like the idea...

But it got really boring really fast. I got a little annoyed at first with not just having a button that says raise, level or lower terrain- kinda like Sim City. Theres no zoom and not enough to do. Kinda killed it for me :/

FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for your comments... this game doesn't appeal to everyone. The compulsion to make the land flat is quite strong for me and for many players, while others just shrug and find it dull.
It gets a lot more interesting in higher levels when the AI is very challenging. Then you have to choose a direction to concentrate on because you simply can't build out in all directions fast enough... I think the game becomes a little like "Go" in that you have to stake out some territory early on, then struggle to defend it, and finally advance out and overwhelm the enemy.