Reviews for "Aztec God Game"


good,but when i was just a thundergod...(on like lvl 6 or sometin')my opponent had like,17 chosen ones!!its ONES!!not sixteens!!

Nice Populous clone BUT wrecked by scroll bug

Very nice God Game... captures the Populous spirit very well.

Unfortunately I had to give up playing due to a horrendous bug that makes the game completely unplayable. Apparently at random, the scrolling starts to go wrong - I can scroll up/down okay but the game automatically scrolls hard to the right; even attempting to left scroll manually just holds the game screen still, and releasing the "A" or "left" key sends the view flying off to the right. Even when this happens, up/down scroll works fine though. Applying "Omniscience", the automated scrolling works perfectly. But after disapplying Omniscience, the scrolling goes back to screeching off to the right. Very annoying as the game itself is good :(

Cool! =D

love this game its addicting and a lot of fun to play. Cool graphics really fit the game with a reminder to Populus. ;)

i dont know what to say

by far the greatest strategy-game on ng... never seen a game deserving the 10/10 5/5 more than this one. one thing though, i have a very powerful computer but sometimes i had some minor laggs starting at 50 pop+ nothing severe though, just saying :) keep it up i will be sure to visit your profile regularely!

Great work! =D

I have Populous DS and i think you did well in making it into something special! =D
Just a suggestion, but maybe you can get to choose to be a particular gaod and they have special powers? Any way....

LunaCaster =D