Reviews for "Aztec God Game"

not bad

it a little cxomplcted but i enjoyed it so eight

almost perfect!

Very addicting and fun to boot. its a well thought out concept and looks like it took a long time to make. keep up the good work!-1 fpr the "hidden control schemes though, you might want to literate the hidden control scheme or point out that the mouse wheel can be used to raise/lower land i found out by accident.

FightClub69 responds:

Glad you like it! The controls are all listed on page 1 of the in-game help (click the ? on the toolbar). I was going to mention it in the tutorial too, but a lot of people find the tutorial too long and annoying already so I cut it short.

Doesn't work!!!!!

My screen is white and I can't pay it. It might because of my slow computer but if it isn't could you fix it? thanks

FightClub69 responds:

Sorry I don't know why you have that problem. The background colour for this game is dark green. Try refreshing your browser with ctrl-F5 to force it to reload?

Pretty innovative

It was hard for me to understand the directions, but that was mostly my fault. What I did admire about this game was that it was truly different than a lot of other stuff I have seen before here. It was especially nice to see those really good CGI graphics. In a game like this, you would think they might look silly, but these actually work well. I like how the 2D effects of the land contrast with those effects. I would definitley recommend this to anyone who likes games like this, although it was hard to tell what kind of game it was.

FightClub69 responds:

The genre is called 'god games', it was very popular for a while back in the 80's but has gradually changed (IMHO the new 'god games' aren't as much fun as the old ones were)

Quite good

But I can'tfiggure out how i should click on the terrain to sink it back into the water. I figgured out clicking the top vs the botom of slopes for leveling things, but i can't seem to level things back into the sea.

FightClub69 responds:

You can use the mouse-wheel, Shift/Ctrl, PgUp/PgDn, R/V or Q/E to raise and lower individual points... so you can lower the land right into the water that way.