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Reviews for "Laser Cannon"


Nice work, man!

good game

nice gameplay, maybe you could add a "level maker" function?

I love this game!

This is just my favorite game, I can't explain it!

nice game

but i have to agree with MADHOE, it would have been a nive feature to have a restart option after you see the level stars.
Now you have to go to level select and do it from there.

all and all a good time killer !


Basically theres this lil bug, where your "creatures-or-whatever-you-call-it" can land on your laser cannon and not fall, if it lands middle enough.

Alright, review.

I thought, as always, of course, this game was cliche, an old genre, and you did nothing to twist it, to make it different in any way. Okay, apart from that;

I thought everything when sorta too fast. The fading, for example, was somewhat speedy. When you complete a level, instead of showing the stars for a short moment and moving to the next level, there should be the usual options to either restart the level or go to the next level - and maybe to go to the level selection page.

The weird problem, was also, the art. It just feels weird. Not saying that the art is bad, but seriously, the background is a forest-like magical place, and there's lava, and metal?

Of course, there was no storyline at all, it could be a dream to do something or go somewhere; at least make some shitty storyline, and it would really be better. It gives you a better ingame experience. I mean, seriously, what the hell are you doing controlling a random laser and shooting random creatures?

Though, apart from this, I'm glad that there were other interactions such as chains and spikeballs.

You need more stuff to make this game more interesting.

At least, in my opinion.