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Reviews for "Mechanical Angel"

I like it

but whats with the popping cat sound?
It distracts the viewer.
But still 10/10


this is amazing
the simplicity of the story is the real charmX3

Mythologic responds:

Aaw thank you. That's really sweet :P

best thing my eyes could have ever saw

Amazing messege

Mythologic responds:

Wow that's awesome thank you :')


Dude! Congrats on making and completing this animation. I remember seeing it in development stages and I have to say dude, you walked the mile and completed this animation.
The Story is good, the animation is well done and the characters look cute (especially the cat!). Your timing has been spot on and the composition and color pallet is very appealing.

Looking forward to a next installment =D

Mythologic responds:

Thanks Ajay! Really appreciate it! Next stop! WRATH OF ALLEGIANCE! (I started working on it again last night XD)


A really cute little flash, well done :) Not quite sure why the cat was there, but oh well XD

Mythologic responds:

Because cats are cute D: