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Reviews for "Mechanical Angel"


great soundtrack man, great


this was just amazing!
and yeah it helps to escape the boundraies to find out what really matters in life.

Mythologic responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)


One of the few animations with a moral, nicely done.
I must say, after being shot out of the pipes before spacecraft liftoff was... quite slow, but that was certainly not a problem.
Any more coming in the future?

Mythologic responds:

Thanks a lot :D

Yeah I would love to make more animation like this, I have a ton of ideas just a case of getting them done :D

I should be releasing part 1 of my game soon, check my profile for a screen shot :)

1 minute?

you only get 1 minute....ive seen a tone of videos that are atleast 20 mins

Mythologic responds:

Thanks for the score, but you don't get what i'm saying.

I was only given 1 minute for a college project, the brief was "Create an animation with a length of 30 seconds to a minute" It also said anything going past a minute would be counted, but the excess would not be graded. So..

Good but small

The art was nice with also the movement. But it was too short to understand why he needed help to escape his limits. With just a little more work and some more awesome parts then it will be worth a 10, so far it is worth a 7.

Mythologic responds:

Unfortunately the brief limited me to only 1 minute in length, I really had to cut a lot out due to that, which is a shame because a lot of work was put into it. However thanks for your review!