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Reviews for "Mechanical Angel"

Pretty good

It was a bit slow, I'll admit, but very simple in its own rights. I did quite enjoy the music, which was probably what kept me going.

Very simple message, simple animations and nice music. A nice change from all the overly fancy stuff and all in all enjoyable.

Keep it up sunshine!

Mythologic responds:

Hehe, cheers buddy.

If you check my profile there's a screen from my upcoming game, was really trying to stray from my usual stuff with this :P


this video is awesome devlin7 is retarded and you are amazing at flash

Mythologic responds:

Haha, thanks a lot dude, means a ton.

that was it?

where's the story??

Mythologic responds:

Well if you don't understand it i'm gonna leave that up to just being plain naive.


this is amazing
the simplicity of the story is the real charmX3

Mythologic responds:

Aaw thank you. That's really sweet :P

I'm so sorry

for voting a 1 when this was under judgement. could have gotten a protection point...

but anyways, i think it's a bit slow, but has a moral and all that other stuff.
congrats on the front page and daily fifth, but i still think you could cut some more. it seemed like forever before he would get up, get in the rocket and take off. if there were more things in the background it would have helped, you would notice time less. I do get that he's in his boundary, and there's not supposed to be colors and stuff, but still... only having a cat and pipes was sort of boring.

oh and i think there's a spelling mistake. you wrote bounDRY instead of bounDARY.
i could be wrong since my english isn't the best, but just felt like saying it anyways.

Mythologic responds:

It's all personal oppinion.

I personally thought the pacing worked out fine, no one else seems to be bothered by it. The idea is his boundries are dull and boring, when escaping that he is given a giant world in which to explore.

Thanks anyway for the comment.