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Reviews for "Mechanical Angel"

Great animation!

From reading the reviews and your replies back to them (Apart from picking apart the video) I was able to better understand it. Although I can see where some people would not understand the message. Their is deff. some holes in the points, but, with your time constraints I beleive you did the best you could! With that id like to compliment on the music choice (I thought it matched the artwork great) And the animation was simple which also fit the point you were trying to get across. Also I couldn help but notice the cat in the background... Any reasoning behind it? Haha! Great job! Hope to maybe see this perticular video taking to anoher level!

Mythologic responds:

Thanks very much :)

The day after I completed this a friend of mine said.. "It needs more cats."

So.. I decided to put one in :P

I'd love to develop further on this little guy, who knows, he might spawn his own series of motivational videos :D

Smooth Animation...

...But I do have to agree with BlaBlaFish. He brought up some very good points, and your defense of his criticisms don't hold up. You stated that the character was being "helped" to get to where he wanted to be. That intention on your part was not well executed. The ship's claw was fairly menacing, and the character seemed disgruntled with the whole idea. The first interpretation is that he was curious about the ship, got too close, and then was kidnapped by it; not helped, or assisted. If that is what you wanted to demonstrate, it didn't come across that way. If the ship is supposed to be the "angel" and a viable character in this work, it should have more character development, other then the claw. It enters as an inanimate object and doesn't interact or show that it cares to, until it grabs the character. BlaBlaFish also mentioned that the piece was slow, and I see that you listed this as a comedy. One of the most important, if not THE most important thing in comedy, is timing. Your slapstick took too long to establish itself, and that was the only thing that could be considered comedic in this work. Judging by the theme you were really intending, you should have listed it as a Drama. Or possibly a Music Video, because the Music was well done and a key part in this work. If more then one person is stating the same or similar thing, then your going to have to question if there is some truth to it. Remember, criticisms are here to help you, not tear you down. Don't take them personally. If you don't accept that, you won't be able to improve. In time, you will be confident in where your skills and talents lie, and know when to study and practice on the ones that need work.

Mythologic responds:

Yeah he did raise some good points, not disputing that, it was just a little bit overly critical for something that, in fairness, isn't all that serious..

Regarding the message of the video, I did say before:

"Sometimes, we all need some help in life, getting to where we want to be.
Whether we ask for that help or not, is another question."

The character was curious about the ship, and was generally quite frightened about what was happening, but if you notice at the end when he's flying through space, his mouth is opened wide with a look of Auw!

I labelled it as comedy as I didn't quite know what to put it under.

I appreciate any constructive criticism, just when it gets to plain nit-picking it becomes a tad frustrating.

I very much liked this, don't you know

I thought this was a very, very good animation especially considering your time and brief constraints. :D The music fits in pretty well and I like the style you went for in this.
Also, because I need to be overly critical of SOMETHING... let me talk about my sandwich.

This ceasar salad chicken wrap that I bought at tescos left me dry and empty. For you see, when I have my ceasar salad I wish for my experience not to be permeated by the harsh flavours of the mature parmesan cheese, but unfortunately my sensory delights were cut short by this turmultuous interruption.
Overall, I would say:
Tortilla: 9/10 (Towards the end it did become a little bit soggy, causing some of the dressing and cheese that had collected at the bottom to spill forth from the bunched up ends)
Chicken: 8/10
Salad: A resounding 7/10.

Best of luck!


This was short, slow and had almost no build up to your main point.

I don't understand how being kidnapped by a spaceship leads to going beyond your boundaries, or how any of this is related to a 'Mechanical Angel'. What represents the angel? What does the pipe (which the little dude thing is shot out from) represent? Why was the little dude kidnapped by a space ship? Why did he (or she??) need to break out of where he was? Was where he was a larger spaceship, or a planet, or what? So many questions, not NEARLY enough answers. previous comments have said this was simple, but I thin what you have here is the beginnings of a much more intricate and complicated story.
'Who was the little guy? Is he human, or another race?'

Devlin7 asked where the story is. What you have here is a message unconnected to most of the animation. 'Sometimes we all need a little help escaping our boundaries'- you had 1 minute of film, and 5 seconds of an actual event, when the little dude's kidnapping ship broke out of some wall. that's it. Devlin7 is in no way a retard for asking where the story is.

All in all, the flash seems all point and no pike, like a pie without filling, pen without ink, if you understand what i am saying. I understand that your 1 minute constraint left no room for extra stuff, but the part where the little dude is shot out of a pipe? You could have cut that and filled it with something else, another event, maybe at the end like he lands on earth and sees some one else.

Your flash skills are pretty good. the quality of the image was nice, the pictures were smooth and you used some good techniques for the special effects, the like overlaying the pictures of the space ship moving around the boundaries of the original image a little to create the effect of moving and vibration. The music was also good.

I think you have a lot of potential, so try redrafting this story and making it longer if you have the time, because I am really interested in what happens before / next, and disappointed because I have nothing to keep me on the edge of my seat. Maybe write a back story?

Story: 0/10
Animation: 9/10
Music 7/10 (although it fit the animation, it seemed too pop and light for the fact that the guy was kidnapped :S)
I don't think this animation deserves front page, because surely there must be some better stuff out there, your other work being among 'that better stuff'. This may do it for some people, but for me, not so much =/

Well, good luck anyway! :D

Mythologic responds:

I really appreciate the long review.

I'll start with saying, this story was originally nearly 5 minutes long, I had done several story boards regarding this one story.

Basically the little guy is in a different world to ours, there is no real origin to him, or the pipes, it's just something which popped into my head. But he was stuck in the pipe world.

The space ship was his ticket out, the ship helps him in and takes him to a greater world. The word Mechanical, representing the mechanics of the ship, the word Angel representing it almost acting like a guardian to him, by taking him out of his restraints and allowing him to see a greater world.

I can understand it's not for everyone, I think this is one of those things you just need to be able to appreciate for its harmless, cute humour.

I think it's unfair to criticise me based on my own constraints with this animation.

I think you just didn't quite get the message of it, which is.. Sometimes, we all need some help in life, getting to where we want to be.

Whether we ask for that help or not, is another question.


but need to be little longer.

Mythologic responds:

I wanted to make it a lot longer, unfortunately the brief told me I couldn't have it longer than a minute =_= kinda broke that rule anyway..

Thanks for your comment :D