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Reviews for "VGE3 Easter Egg short"

100% Awesome!

Funny and credible all at once! Keep up the good work!


yo this was very funny i cant wait for the next one


BOTH HEAVEN AND EARTH TREMBLE BEFORE MY MIGHT!!! STRIKE ME!!! (gunshots) I hope you like explosions and screaming. (Bomb dropped, Akuma ends up in the Netherrealm) YOU SUCK!!! (Uppercut into a firey pit of lava) True and pure genius. Akuma is too overpowered and I just keep saying that he ranks up there with Chuck Norris on being too "Idolized". Great way to stick it to him!


I saw akuma in the thumb nail and thought SWEET akuma in VGE 3

now i kinda dont want him...

what other series crossovers do you have in store?


Next time Akuma, be more specific.