Reviews for "VGE3 Easter Egg short"

akuma got killed by stryker???? lol

i like the way you changed from serious to funny 10/10
make more
you could be famous for it


I hope you like explosions and screaming. Akuma is so overrated. XP
Can't wait for Episode 3.


But why is it so big... It's barely a minute long. Did you really put that much content into it? If so, then episode 3 is going to be freakin awesome. Can't wait.

R1665 responds:

Most of the largeness comes from the music. Although it only plays for a few seconds, Akuma's theme song exists in the .swf in its entirety. I didn't cut it down.

Besides, the larger file size aids in the misdirection...


This is pretty good.

It's about time Akuma dies. Cheap son of a b@$*h. Good sprite.

I have faith

I just voted a 5 without even watching it. I'll have to wait until my Internet connection is less laggy before I watch this.

R1665 responds:

I think you'll find that you made the right choice. XD