Reviews for "VGE3 Easter Egg short"

Screw the eggs...where's the actual?

Does this even have anything to do with the movie? I'm NOT givin this a 10 just because you're a good animator. Stage looks good, sound bytes good. Characters move good. Come on guy.

R1665 responds:

Meh. Just a little something fun for those who have been patiently waiting for Ep.3.



That was so damn funny I watched it like 10 times and laughed every time.

Street fighter fan

i love street fighter but im not to much of a fan boy to under stand wen somthing is funny as shit lol smh i feel bad for akuma. keep up the good work man lookin forward to VGE3

Now THAT....



Yes. You are the first one who decide that Akuma should die easely...and the funny part is it Stryker who kill him. lol Great work. Pure chef d'oeuvre mon ami, Bravo.